The #1 Best Way to Create a Lean Culture in Construction

If you haven't heard of Paul Akers, you are in for a treat! Think of heaven. What would it be like? Will we know all things, have all things, and exist with everything given to us? Or, will we be able to progress, and learn, and improve, and create remarkable environments of our own? Does this sound silly? I hope not-because I am dead serious. If you study Paul's books, watch his videos, and start your 2 Second Lean journey, you will be introduced to a little bit of heaven on earth. All I can say about watching his progress is, "Inspired!" Check out the 2 Second Lean Play App. It is totally free. here is what you will get:

  • 2 Second Lean - Build a lean culture

  • Lean Health - Find the simplest way to care for your health

  • Lean Life - Truly know who you are

  • Lean Travel - Travel with the most efficiency

  • Banish Sloppiness - Learn quality from Japanese culture

  • Today & Tomorrow - Read a classic that could change the minds of current lean thinkers

Download it today at this link:

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Right now, projects lose millions, burn people out, and offend customers with bad operations.


We have the right people, and we have the right knowledge available; you can’t blame it on your team or the craft—you can’t claim that this is the only way. 


What this industry needs is more frequent and effective training, and training that will truly enable people to perform at a high level regardless of their level of comfort.


Training on key systems like Team Building, Organizational Health, and Personal Organization.  These will enable a team to learn Takt Planning, the Last Planner System, Scrum, and other Lean methodologies.


With Elevate, you will win financially, help your people, and turn your customers into raving fans!  We specialize as construction consultants, trainers, coaches, and


You are an expert in your industry and you have a remarkable vision but you need the right training, support, and coaching.


Do your operations professionals need remarkable training?

We will work with your leadership to deliver impactful teaching and training for your Superintendent, Field Engineers, Foremen, and anyone else a part of your Survey, Planning & Scheduling, or Quality teams.


Do you have a project in trouble?

We will work through your onsite team to recover that project and bring it in with a controlled landing, not a crash landing!


Do you want to develop amazing projects, operations, and leadership teams?

We will work with you to create operations systems that responsibly scale and stick!


I will elevate your company operations in  these three ways:  project recovery, remarkable training, and consulting.


Contact us using the form on the right to find out how.

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